Bathroom Remodel Checklist

If you’re considering updating your home, bathroom renovations are a great place to start.

But before you begin daydreaming about vanities and soaker tubs, first look at the following checklist of the things you may want to renovate. This checklist will help you plan the scope of your bathroom remodel and what to expect when it comes to picking out materials.

1. Set Your Ideal Budget

Before you make any decisions about the style of your bathroom, make sure to set a budget for the project. The point of creating a budget is to provide you with structure when making future material, accessory, and appliance decisions. Without a budget in place, you could easily spend more than you can actually afford.

The benefit of working with a contractor is that they can help you maximize all your options within your budget. They can find a more cost-friendly material that matches the aesthetic you want most.

2. Select a Reputable Bathroom Contractor

Any mistakes made during a bathroom remodel can be costly, which is why it’s so important to hire a licensed contractor. Also, since bathroom remodels involved complex trade skills like wiring and plumbing, hiring a professional is the best way to ensure quality results. 

To make your bathroom remodel easier, we have created a user-friendly guide to help you find the best contractor.

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3. Set a Timeline & Expect Delays

It’s always a good idea to tell the contractor you hire what you want the project timeline to be. However, you’ll want to be flexible with your date. Fixtures, tiles, cabinets, and any other additions must be ordered before the remodel can take place, which could extend your project timeline.

Unfortunately, material shortages or delivery backorders can lead to delays. While this is outside of your or your contractor’s control, a good contractor will keep you in the loop when unanticipated delays occur.

4. Choose Your Bathroom Design Style

Do you want your bathroom to be sleek and modern? Or maybe rustic and charming? No matter the vision, your general contractor can help you find materials to match. 

For a country chic aesthetic, your contractor may suggest a clawfoot tub with brass accents. For a contemporary vibe, he or she may suggest a glass shower stall. 

Though your bathroom design should be beautiful, it should also be functional. If you plan on reselling your home in the future, it’s highly recommended that you choose a style that meshes with the remainder of your home’s interior.

5. Consider Changes to Plumbing Features & Fixtures

The most common upgrades to make during a bathroom remodel involve changing plumbing features and fixtures. These upgrades can include everything from your shower and bathtub to your toilet and sink. 

If your shower doors and bathroom mirrors are outdated or need a refresh, these items can be replaced as well. Even the smallest of changes can completely enhance the appearance and style of your bathroom.

6. Select Bathroom Cabinets & Shelving

The size of your bathroom will dictate the changes you make to cabinets and shelving. If the cabinets you choose are too large, your bathroom’s functionality could worsen. Consulting with a reputable contractor like Team Portico before deciding on cabinets or shelving helps you avoid costly mistakes.

7. Choose Wall & Flooring Materials

As long as it’s waterproof, you can use practically any material for the walls and flooring in your bathroom. Granite, ceramic, and marble are three of the most popular and stylish options for a bathroom remodel. If you want an affordable flooring material, consider vinyl tiles or cement. When looking for flooring material, also consider slip resistance and durability.

Your general contractor should be able to offer guidance on the type of material you select and the best way to install them so they have a polished look.

8. Consider Upgrades to Lighting & Ventilation

The lighting you add to your bathroom enhances the atmosphere as well as functionality. It’s important that people in your home can see where they are at all times to avoid falling in the shower. The recommended amount of artificial light for a bathroom is at least four watts for every square foot.

It’s also very important that your bathroom is properly ventilated to avoid mold issues. Your contractor can help you select the right fan and position it properly within your new bathroom. The most important thing about ventilation is that you can maintain continual airflow.

9. Search for New Accessories

If your remodel is meant to be a substantial upgrade to the appearance and style of your bathroom, the remodel won’t be complete without some new accessories to set the scene. Some of the smaller accessories that could add a lot to your bathroom remodel include soap dishes, bath mats, mirrors, and towels.

10. Consider Going Green

If you want to save money and do your part to protect the environment, consider going green with your new bathroom. Some of the best sustainable changes that you can make to your bathroom include adding a low-flow toilet and shower head, using no-VOC paints, and using sustainably harvested wood to craft your medicine cabinet and vanities.

Choose Portico for Your Charlotte Bathroom Remodel

Whether you change the entire layout of the bathroom or just upgrade the sink, the above checklist should give you everything you need to plan the scope of your Charlotte bathroom remodel and help you know what to expect.

If you want some expert advice, give the Portico team a call at 704-742-2720. We have years of experience renovating homes throughout Charlotte.

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