Interior Home Remodels in the Charlotte Area

Interior home renovations and remodels can enhance a home's functionality, improve its value, and bolster its appearance.

Our remodeling services are meant to change the entire form of a room, while our renovation services are designed to restore and enhance older rooms that may not have desirable designs.

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Benefits of Interior Renovations

Interior renovations and remodels can be highly beneficial to the appearance and comfort of your home. Being able to customize every aspect of your home's interior design allows you to create a house that matches your preferences.

The main benefits that come with performing renovations on your home interior include:

  • Customize Your Home to Match Lifestyle: Remodeling the interior of your home gives you the ability to update the home's functionality in a manner that best suits your lifestyle.
  • Don't Have to Move: If you find that your home isn't as comfortable or visually appealing as it once was, completing a home interior renovation means that you won't need to move.
  • Add Value to Your Home: Most remodeling and renovation projects will automatically add value to your home.
  • Reduce Utility Costs: If you happen to upgrade your appliances, you could purchase energy-efficient ones, which will save you money on your monthly energy bill.

Our Charlotte Interior Renovation & Remodeling Services


Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to improve your home's value. Our kitchen remodeling services extend to new cabinetry, new flooring, backsplashes, doors, and layouts. We can improve your kitchen's functionality by adding an island or expanding the floor space.

Our bathroom remodeling services are designed to replenish and revitalize any bathroom. We can add new flooring, switch out old appliances for more energy-efficient ones, and even change the entire layout of your bathroom.

A basement can be more than just a small space where you go to store junk and old belongings that you no longer use. Our home interior remodel company can renovate your basement into a bedroom or a home entertainment room that matches your vision.

Your garage should be just as well-designed as the rest of your home. Whether you want to upgrade the room's appearance or convert it into a storage area or new bedroom, our team will work hard to deliver quality results.

At Portico, our team can remodel any room into a stylish home office that's designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency when performing work tasks at home. We can also wire your home office for home automation with features like temperature control and surround sound.

The right windows can improve the appearance of your home and help you save energy. Our home interior makeover company will assist you in selecting windows that best match your home's new interior design.

When you have updated the layout of your home or would like to make an upgrade from your current doors, we'll measure your interior doorways, help you select new doors, and provide quick installation.

Enhancing the appearance and functionality of your home interiors usually requires new flooring. Our team of professionals will help you select the best flooring materials for each room. Upon selection, we'll provide you with efficient installation services.

No home remodeling project is complete without a fresh coat of paint. Whether new walls have been added or you would like to refresh your interior design, Team Portico uses only premium paints and primers.

Portico's Turn-Key Interior Home Remodel Approach

At Portico, our interior home remodel approach is all about ease and customization to provide customers with an exemplary experience throughout every stage of the renovation process.



Renovating or remodeling your home's interiors can be stressful, which is why Portico goes above and beyond to provide customers with a stress-free experience during the entire project.

Faster Project

At Portico, we understand how important it is for our clients to be comfortable in their own home, which is why we strive to provide all customers with fast project delivery that meets timelines.

Construction Costs

By partnering with trusted home interior renovation contractors and vendors we've worked with for years, we can obtain lower costs on labor and materials for our customers.

Higher Quality

From the moment our interior remodeling work begins, each member of Team Portico aims to deliver higher-quality results that we can be proud of and you can be satisfied with.

Additional Interior Home Remodel Resources

Take a look at our resources page to get the help you need when planning your next home interior remodel.


Charlotte Interior Renovation & Remodel FAQs

Which room should be remodeled first?

When remodeling the interiors of your home, the first room that should be remodeled is the bathroom or kitchen. These rooms will gain the largest increase in value from a remodel.

Should I remodel the inside or outside of my house first?

It's recommended that you remodel the inside of your home first since this is where you will spend most of your time. However, both options have their benefits.

How do you qualify the subcontractors that will work on my home?

We make sure that the subcontractors we partner with at Portico have been licensed and insured. They must also have extensive experience in the industry as well as a sterling reputation. Our team understands that our decisions regarding subcontractors will reflect on us, which is why we strive to partner with subcontractors you can trust.

How long do interior renovations and remodels take?

The time it takes to complete a home interior makeover or remodel depends on the type of project you're completing and the room that's being renovated. These projects can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months to finish.