Bathroom Lighting Styles

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Choosing the Right Lighting Style for Your Bathroom

Many factors go into choosing the right lighting style. First, you should pay attention to how your bathroom is styled. Are there a lot of bright colors? Or is your bathroom more subdued?

Knowing the style of your bathroom is important if you want to choose a lighting style that complements it. 

A few other elements of your bathroom to keep in mind include:

  • Light coverage. It is easy to remember that the sink should be well-lit, but make sure you do not forget about the tub area. Even lighting is key. 
  • Wall fixtures. You may think you can only have ceiling lights, but it is quite common in a bathroom to have wall fixtures. 
  • Lighting fixture size. Make sure to consider the size of the lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures that are too small may not mesh well with the decor. Larger fixtures may give off too much light and overpower the room. 

Choosing the right bathroom fixtures can transform your bathroom into a welcoming and comfortable space. This is important since you will spend time in your bathroom each day.

Bathroom Lighting Styles to Consider

Once you know the basic elements of your bathroom, it is time to start looking at the different lighting fixtures available to you. Consider these six bathroom lighting styles for your bathroom:

  • Coastal lighting style
  • Mid-century lighting style
  • Modern lighting style
  • Retro lighting style
  • Industrial lighting style
  • Farmhouse lighting style

Taking a look at each of these styles more closely will show why they may or may not be the right style for you. Remember to keep in mind the existing decor of your bathroom when considering a lighting style.


Does your bathroom have a nautical feel to it? Is the decor greatly inspired by the ocean and seaside? If so, then a coastal lighting style is the one you will want to consider. 

There are several ways you can incorporate a coastal lighting style into your bathroom. For example, you can get lighting fixtures that incorporate rope. Rope is routinely associated with coastal areas because of its use on boats and ships. 

You can also get lighting fixtures that mimic the atmosphere of the coast. For example, getting lighting fixtures that incorporate the color blue is a great option. Moreover, you can get ceiling fixtures that incorporate seashells to create a seaside, layered look.

Many other types of fixtures can give your bathroom a coastal flair. Consider a wall fixture that uses a bronze-colored metal cage around the light. This can help tie in the decor.


One of the most popular styles for a bathroom is mid-century. This style is defined by its aesthetic that is similar to the aesthetics that came about in the mid-twentieth century, especially the 1950s and 1960s.

So, if your bathroom is a mid-century bathroom, consider mid-century lighting styles, too. For example, you can use a bubble light sconce on the walls. These can add the right amount of light for the overall style.

Additionally, mid-century lighting fixtures tend to use straight lines and more simplistic designs. However, they can look great in your bathroom. You may also opt for vintage lighting fixtures. These pair well with the mid-century look.

Try to vary up the pieces you use. For example, use decorative sconces on the walls and use the brighter lighting fixtures above the sink or tub area. This will give a better overall appearance in the bathroom.


Modern style is similar to mid-century style. However, the two aesthetics have distinct characteristics. If you have a more modern, contemporary look in your bathroom, then you should opt for a more minimalist approach.

Simple lighting fixtures can accent a contemporary bathroom well. Opt for solid colors on the fixtures.

A modern bathroom will look sleek and smooth. Make sure that you get lighting fixtures that match that. Of course, you could also get some modern chandeliers if you have the space.


If your bathroom has a shabby-chic decor, then a retro lighting style is the way to go. This type of lighting style can also work well with a country-style bathroom or even a farmhouse bathroom.

Consider the furnishings of the bathroom for this one. What type of retro bathroom do you have? Do you have a lot of wood furnishings? If so, getting a deep-bronze wall fixture can pair well.

If you have a more tiled look, especially if it is art deco, then a globe pendant lighting fixture would work perfectly. These can go right above the sink for that classic look.

Remember, a retro bathroom can also have a rustic feel to it, so opting for faded fixtures is a great idea. Remember, you want the lighting fixtures to blend well with their surroundings.


An industrial-styled bathroom will generally have more subdued colors. The colors tend to be darker. Therefore, having lighting fixtures that fit aesthetically and also give off a fair amount of light is important.

Of course, you do not want the light to be too bright. For example, you can use wall sconces that are made of metal and use a dark color, like bronze or black. This will add a nice aesthetic to the bathroom. 

You may also get ceiling fixtures that use a bronze-colored rim while the lights are open. This will provide ample light for the bathroom.

You may also opt for lighting fixtures that use metal cages around the lights. This can add a lot of character to the bathroom’s decor. The cages are industrial and will complement the industrial style of the bathroom. Additionally, you can always opt for simple wall sconces that have subdued colors.


If your bathroom has a farmhouse aesthetic, then you will want lighting fixtures to match it. These can include simple white wall sconces or more vintage-inspired pieces.

The farmhouse style can vary from rustic to modern, so the fixtures will vary too. Remember, rustic-style lighting fixtures work well with a farmhouse bathroom.

You may also decide to use wall fixtures with exposed light bulbs. A good way to incorporate this into a farmhouse or country bathroom is to use old-fashioned-styled light bulbs. These light bulbs give off a warm light while also adding to the decor.

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