Window Installation in Charlotte, NC

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Just like the roof on your home, windows should be replaced every 15-20 years. Window installation services may also be needed for a sizable renovation or new construction. Over time, window exteriors will start peeling and cracking. You might also begin to feel drafts of wind that you can’t explain.

In these situations, it’s highly recommended that you request our replacement and restoration services. Our window experts at Portico will help you identify if your window needs to be replaced or simply restored to its original appearance and quality.

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Window Replacement & Restoration Costs in Charlotte

If you would like to have your windows restored, it can cost $75-$500 per window.

Your total cost depends on several factors, the primary of which include the type of window that needs to be repaired, as well as the quality of the bay windows installation contractor you hire.

Having a window replaced costs anywhere from $150-$1,300. Total costs depend on the framing material, as well as the type of window you purchase.

Our Window Installation Process

The window installation process can be completed in four simple steps by our expert window installation contractors at Portico. 



We'll meet with you to discuss your many window options. During this consultation, our team will also help you understand the installation process and estimated cost.



In order to purchase the right window, we'll first need to measure the window opening, which will allow us to select windows that properly fit your home.



All of your old windows will be removed before any new ones are installed, which allows us to complete the installation process in a more streamlined manner.



Once your old windows have been removed, our window installation company will install your replacement windows. We'll also install exterior trim to seal your window against the elements.

Window Options for Your Charlotte Home


Double-hung windows consist of two sashes, which allows them to be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom.

Sliding windows consist of two panes and can slide open horizontally. You don't need additional space to operate them.

Casement windows crank open outward and are outfitted with side hinges. They are typically installed above kitchen sinks and are known for providing fantastic ventilation.

Bay and bow windows consist of three separate windows with an angular appearance. These windows allow more light and style to your home.

Awning windows are hinged at the top and can open outwards from the bottom. They provide ventilation while also protecting your home from inclement weather.

A garden window extends outwards from your home and provides you with more light. These windows can even include decorative shelving.

Custom windows are designed from scratch and can be installed by a custom window installation contractor. You can select the design, style, and features that your custom windows consist of.

This is a small window that opens inward and downward, which is why it's typically used in a basement or bathroom. Because the window tilts upwards, debris and dirt are kept from entering your home.

This is a large window that's composed of a single pane of glass. It provides high amounts of natural light.

When Is It Time to Update Your Windows?

There are many aesthetic and cost-savings benefits to updated windows. It may be time to update the windows in your home if:

  • Your current windows have an old aesthetic
  • You notice wood rot
  • The glass is foggy
  • The window hardware is broken, which means that you can't open the window
  • You notice gaps between the window and pane


If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your windows, it’s time to schedule window installation with Portico.

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Benefits of Installing New Windows

Having new windows installed by a window installation contractor can benefit you in a number of ways. The main benefits of window installation include:

  • Adds More Natural Light - Older windows can become dirty and more opaque over time. In comparison, newer windows allow more natural light to enter your home for enhanced visibility.
  • Provides Energy Savings - If you purchase energy efficient windows, you'll benefit from energy savings that allow you to have lower monthly energy bills.
  • Increases Your Home Security - New windows are invariably more durable and more convenient to open in the event of a fire, which provides ample security.
  • Reduces Dust & Allergens - Newer windows can contain between-the-glass shades and blinds, which means that dust won't accumulate on indoor blinds.
  • Noise Reduction - It's possible to purchase double-pane or triple-pane windows, both of which work well at reducing the amount of outside noise.

Popular Window Materials for Charlotte Homes

There are numerous window frame materials that you can select for your home, which gives you a variety of different options to meet your specific needs.


Vinyl frames are among the most popular options for windows because of how affordable the material is. Vinyl also comes with low maintenance requirements and high amounts of insulation.

This material cannot be painted, which means that design options are limited. Darker shades can fade over time. Vinyl windows cost anywhere from $150-$900 per window.

These frames consist of a combination of plastic and wood byproducts. A composite frame offers durability and insulation. These frames have high thermal and are moisture resistant. Composite windows can cost you anywhere from $300-$1,100 per window.

These frames are made of resin and reinforced glass fibers that ensure strong durability. Fiberglass is among the best insulators, is resistant to moisture, doesn't expand because of heat, and is eco-friendly. The cost of a fiberglass window is around $600-$1,000.

Wood frames are known to be great insulators and are likely the most beautiful frames you can choose for your windows. This type of window can cost you $650-$1,300.

Our Turn-Key Window Installation Approach

Portico has a unique approach to window installation that centers on handling the construction and design components of a project within the same contract, which means less paperwork for you and minimal risk when it comes to completing a window installation project.

Stress-Free Experience

Once you request our services, we'll go above and beyond to make sure that you have a fantastic customer experience. No matter the scope of the project you request, we want you to be relaxed and stress-free. 

Faster Project Delivery

Team Portico aims to work efficiently at every stage of the design and construction process. When problems arise during a project, we have the experience necessary to resolve these issues before they cause project delays.

Reduced Construction Costs

Our casement windows installation company works with the best vendors and subcontractors in the industry, which allows us to obtain labor and materials at lower costs.

Charlotte Window Installation FAQs

How long does it take to replace windows?

A full window replacement can take 30-60 minutes to complete by a windows installation company.

How do you measure for replacement windows?

Before purchasing replacement windows for your home, it's important that you obtain measurements that can be used to determine what size your new windows should be. With a tape measure, your contractor will measure the width, height, and depth of your window openings.

Do you install window blinds?

If you're having brand new windows installed by a sliding windows installation contractor, you should consider installing new window blinds to match. Team Portico can easily help you with selecting and installing window blinds. 

Do you replace window screens?

When you're having new windows installed by a custom windows installation company, it's highly recommended that you replace window screens if your current ones are old and frayed. This is another service Portico provides.