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Professional Garage Makeovers for Charlotte-Area Homeowners


While garages are traditionally used to house vehicles, a garage is a multi-use space that can be renovated and remodeled in a number of different ways. A garage renovation can increase your property value and improve your living space.

At Portico, we strive to provide garage makeovers that fully meet the needs of our clients. Whether you want to convert your garage into an extra bedroom or would like to spruce up the garage’s appearance, our team can handle remodeling projects of any size.

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Our Garage Remodeling Services in Charlotte


At Portico, our garage flooring services are meant to help homeowners with all of their surface needs. These services can include tearing up and replacing an old floor, helping you select the ideal flooring material, and providing efficient installation services.

When renovating your garage, you should update the room's flooring to accommodate the changes you've made. Ideal garage flooring materials include polished concrete, rubber tile, epoxy, stone, and vinyl.

A garage conversion isn't complete without the right lighting. Most garages in new homes come with only a minimal amount of light. However, your current lighting won't be enough if you're converting your garage into a bedroom or home office.

In these situations, we can help you choose the right lighting fixtures for your garage. Once you've selected your preferred fixtures, we'll connect these fixtures to the electrical wiring. Some great lighting fixtures to consider for your renovated garage include shop lights, flush-mount lighting, LED lights, recessed lighting, and high bay fixtures.

One of the most requested additions to a garage during a remodeling project is storage. Regardless of how large your remodeling project is set to be, our team can help you determine how much storage you require and what the best storage options are. Some storage options to consider include shelves, racks, storage containers, hooks, and slat wall panels.

If you want to add storage space to your garage during a remodel, we can help you design and purchase your desired cabinets. Whether you purchase pre-built or custom cabinets, our team offers full installation services that make sure the cabinets are aligned with the rest of your remodel. Garage cabinets are great for giving you more space for tools, sports equipment and other items you have lying around your home.

Garage cabinets come in many different styles and layouts. For instance, you could purchase freestanding cabinets that don't attach to your wall and are relatively easy to move. Wall-mounted cabinets are an option that will allow you to save room. Garage cabinets are typically made from plywood, hardwood, particleboard, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Charlotte Garage Remodel Costs

The average cost for a garage remodel is between $7,000-$15,000. The factors that can influence the total cost include:

  • Size of garage
  • Type of remodel, which could include a partial, full, or conversion remodel
  • Extent of renovations
  • Quality and quantity of materials

Our Garage Remodeling Process

There are around six steps involved with the garage remodeling process. However, this process isn't always the same for everyone. It can differ based on the type of remodel or renovation that's being done.



We'll meet with you to discuss every detail of your desired remodel. Our garage renovation contractor can make suggestions and help you determine the feasibility of a project. You'll also receive an estimate of how long the project will take and what the expenses will amount to.



If you want to expand your garage or make sizable changes, some aspects of your current garage may need to be demolished to make way for the improvements. This demolition work could involve tearing down walls, for example.



Adding insulation to your garage improves the room's energy efficiency and will keep your garage at a more comfortable temperature, which is necessary if you're converting the garage into a bedroom or gym. Task lighting allows you to brighten up the room and is relatively simple to install as long as the wiring is properly connected to the fixtures.



If your previous walls were demolished at the beginning of the project to make way for new ones, this stage of the process involves adding new drywall and paint to your walls. Most homeowners choose latex paint with a neutral color.



The installation of flooring is one of the final steps in the renovation process to ensure that the floor isn't damaged after installation. The exact installation process depends on the flooring material you've selected.



The final step of this process can only occur once the larger changes have been made. At this point, any cabinets, hooks, and shelves that you've purchased for your garage will be installed in your preferred layout. These changes allow you to make your garage more organized.

When Is It Time to Remodel Your Garage?

There are plenty of reasons why remodeling your garage with assistance from a garage refinish contractor may be right for you. The main reasons to consider remodeling your garage include:

  • You need more space for a workshop or home gym
  • You currently don't have adequate storage space for your tools or other belongings
  • You don't have enough room in your garage
  • Your current garage is grimy and dirty


Have you noticed any of these issues with your current garage? It’s time to schedule garage renovation services with Portico call our Charlotte-area remodelers at 704-742-2720 today!

Benefits of a Garage Remodel

Remodeling your garage into a bedroom, workshop, or home gym can pay dividends for allowing you to get more enjoyment out of your home. The main benefits associated with renovating a garage include:

  • Extra Storage - When you renovate your garage, an easy change is to add more shelving, racks, and storage space, which may prove useful when you don't have enough room in the rest of your home for your belongings.
  • Better Functionality - If you convert your garage into a multi-purpose room, you may find that your entire family gets more enjoyment out of the room. It's possible to convert a garage into a bedroom, home office, play room, or gym, which makes it a highly versatile area of your home.
  • Valuable Asset Protection - By installing more storage space in your garage, you have the perfect place to store some possessions that would otherwise be kept outside. For instance, your grill and lawn equipment could be placed in a renovated garage when they are not being used.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal - While having a garage is automatically appealing to many prospective homeowners, a renovated garage can improve the appeal of your home if the renovation allows you to get more out of the room.

Garage Remodeling Ideas for Charlotte Homeowners

If you don't need or want to use your garage to store your vehicles, there are endless remodeling options that our garage remodel company can handle.


If you don't have enough room in your home, a garage is the perfect space for a laundry room. In the event that your home is outfitted with a two-car garage, you could still house one vehicle in your garage while using the extra space for a laundry room.

By adding a new floor coating, slatwall panels, cabinetry, and your preferred gym equipment, your garage can be the perfect setting for a home gym.

If you want a friend or family member to have their own living space, a garage can be converted into an entirely separate apartment by changing the walls, flooring, and layout.

You can create a functional and versatile workshop in your garage with tool racks, screwdriver holders, hooks for extension cords and power tools, magnetic toolbars, and various types of shelving.

Our Turn-Key Garage Remodel Approach

At Portico, we make sure to handle the construction and design processes under the same contract, which is meant to lessen the burdens of creating two separate contracts that must accommodate one another. By taking this approach, you'll have less paperwork to sign. When looking at the garage remodel project as a whole, having both processes under the same contract reduces risk for the entire project.

Stress-Free Experience

At Portico, we pride ourselves on delivering a stress-free experience to our customers. We understand the usual stresses that occur when planning a large garage renovation or remodel, which is why we take extra care to make sure your renovation experience is a relaxing one.

Faster Project Delivery

One of the most important aspects of the garage remodeling services we provide is making sure that project delivery is quick and efficient. If you have a deadline you want us to meet, we'll work hard to complete your project before the set deadline. 

Reduced Construction Costs

Over the years, Portico has built a strong and robust network of licensed and insured subcontractors. With this network in place, our clients have access to the best vendors and reduced construction costs as a result of the long-term relationships we've cultivated. 

Charlotte Garage Makeover FAQs

How long does it take to renovate a garage?

The amount of time it takes to renovate a garage depends on the size of your garage. A renovation for a one-car garage may take a few days. On the other hand, a more extensive remodeling job for a two-car garage may take 2-3 weeks. 

Can my garage floor be repaired if it’s damaged?

If the damage to your floor is restricted to one specific area, a simple repair may be all the floor requires. More extensive damage could call for your current flooring to be removed and replaced.

Do you need a permit to turn a garage into a room or apartment?

If you're converting your garage into a separate apartment or room, a building permit is required before work can begin.