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Refresh Your Charlotte-Area Home With Portico’s Exterior Painting Services


As a home ages, the existing paint will start to fade and crack, which can worsen your home’s curb appeal. Our exterior painting services are designed to mitigate this issue. Our team at Portico has extensive experience with exterior painting projects and can help you select the paint color that best fits your home. Keep your home looking new and inviting with Portico’s exterior painting services. Contact our Charlotte painting contractors online or call us at 704-915-5151 to get a quote!

Exterior Painting Applications for Charlotte Homes


Depending on what type of siding your home has, staining may be preferable in comparison to painting. For instance, stain is able to penetrate wood, which ensures that the natural appearance of wood is maintained. Staining exterior surfaces takes around the same amount of time as a painting project.

The best aspect of having vinyl or aluminum siding is that these materials are easy to paint. We'll help you choose your preferred color of paint before starting work on the project at hand.

Painting wood is a somewhat delicate process that requires extra attention to detail. When working with wood, our goal is to maintain the material's natural appearance instead of painting over it.

Stucco is highly porous, which is why we paint only when the siding material is completely dry. Despite the complexity of painting this material, our team has ample experience with painting stucco.

Brick is another highly porous material that requires a coat of primer before painting can begin. The material must also be cleaned to ensure an even coating. Multiple coats of paint may be necessary, which we can apply in a timely fashion.

Our cedar shingle painting services include the addition of a primer or staining solution before paint is applied. We'll make sure that the siding is free from dirt, mold, and mildew before starting the project.

Our Home Exterior Painting Process

The exterior painting process involves numerous steps. At Portico, our process begins with a consultation.


Initial Consultation

We’ll meet with you to discuss colors and what we'll do to prepare the materials around the exterior of your home.


Cover the Area

If we're painting around a deck, patio, or hardscape, we'll cover the deck to make sure that the paint we use doesn't reach the surface. 


Apply Primer

Before painting the exteriors of your home, we'll apply a primer, which acts as a kind of sealant to help the paint stick properly to the siding.


Apply Paint
We'll then work on painting your home exteriors with your paint color of choice. This process usually takes 3-4 days to finish.

Charlotte Home Exterior Painting Costs

The total costs for an exterior project depend on the size of your home and the quality of paint that we use. If staining or the addition of a primer is needed, the costs could increase. The same is true if several coats of paint are required. You can expect an exterior painting project to cost $1,000-$3,000 for a one-story home. A two-story home with a 2,500 square-foot layout can cost around $2,000-$5,000 to have painted.

When Is It Time to Paint Home Exteriors?

Home exteriors should be repainted every 7-10 years if you want to maintain your home's curb appeal. Some signs that it may be time to paint your home exteriors include:

  • Your home has an old aesthetic
  • The old paint is fading
  • The paint is starting to chip and crack
  • You're about to sell your home and want to improve its curb appeal

If your Charlotte-area home’s exterior is in need of a paint refresh, contact the exterior house painters at Portico—give our team a call at 704-915-5151 to get your quote!

Benefits of Home Exterior Painting

Painting the exteriors of your home can provide a number of benefits without spending a large sum of money. These benefits include:


  • Increase Home Value - Your return on investment can be as high as 50-70% of total project costs.
  • Boost Curb Appeal - A fresh coat of paint will make your home appear newer and more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Protect Property from Harsh Conditions - Fresh exterior paints can protect your home from wind, rain, and snow.
  • Increase Siding Lifespan - Placing new paint over your siding can increase its lifespan by reducing the amount of wear and tear that occurs.

Our Turn-Key Home Exterior Painting Approach

Portico takes a turn-key approach to all aspects of our services. The construction and design phases of the exterior painting project are included in the same contract, which ensures that you only need to sign one document and work with one vendor. 

Stress-Free Experience

Once you request our exterior painting services, our team will go above and beyond to make sure that every facet of the painting project is handled with care, which should keep your stress levels low.

Faster Project Delivery

Efficiency is a key component of all of our services at Portico. We won't waste any time in delivering your project before your preferred deadline.

Reduced Construction Costs

At Portico, our customers are able to benefit from reduced construction costs because of our strong relationships with the best vendors and subcontractors in the Charlotte area. 

Charlotte Home Exterior Painting FAQs

How long does it take to repaint my home’s exterior?

Your home exterior can be fully repainted in 3-4 days. However, the total project time depends on the size of your home.

Can you paint in rainy or cold weather?

While it's possible to paint in cold weather, performing exterior painting while it's raining isn't possible because of how water interacts with paint.

How should I prepare my home for exterior painting services?

At Portico, we can prepare your home for exterior painting services by scraping away loose paint, repairing existing surface flaws, and using drop cloths in strategic areas around your home. Before we arrive, you could wash the siding of your home to ensure a clean surface.

How long will exterior paint last?

A coat of paint should last for 5-10 years when placed on the exterior of your home.