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Full Basement Makeovers in the Charlotte Metro Area


Here at Portico, basement remodeling is among the many services that we provide. Whether your basement is currently unfinished or you would like to completely remodel a finished basement, we can handle any project regardless of size and scope.

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Our Basement Remodeling Services in Charlotte


If you want to convert your basement into a bedroom or would like to finish an unfinished basement, among the most important aspects of the remodeling process involves adding new flooring.

Even though concrete is the most commonly used material for basement flooring, a surprising number of materials can be installed in a basement without issue. These materials include cork, tile, laminate, mortar, engineered wood, and ceramic.

Whether you want to use your basement as a storage area or home theater, the right lighting is essential to set the scene. If you would like to brighten up the entire room, mounted ceiling lights may be exactly what you're looking for.

If you want to add style and atmosphere to your basement, pendant lights are the perfect solution. Additional lighting options include recessed lights, wall sconces, and track lights.

Your basement doesn't need to be an unorganized mess. There are many creative and effective storage solutions that our team at Portico can install for you. Some storage solutions to consider include a workbench, pegboards, shelves, cabinets, closets, and storage containers.

Charlotte Basement Remodel Costs

Along with the extent of the remodel, the materials that you use will also dictate what your costs will be. A full basement remodel can cost anywhere from $5,000-$70,000. Some of the cost factors to take into account include:

Our Basement Remodeling Process



We'll meet with you directly to discuss project costs, the results you're looking for, your design ideas, and your expected project timeline. We'll guide you through the remodeling process to help you understand what we need to do to complete the project on time.



The frames of the basement walls are made with some basic wood to put together the structure of your basement.



All of the electrical wiring, outlets, and other components are installed and connected to your circuit breaker.



If you would like to add a bathroom to your basement, the plumbing work could be extensive and would involve two separate stages, the first of which is rough-in plumbing that prepares the area for the rest of the process.



At this stage of the remodel, the lights that you've chosen will be installed on the ceiling or along the walls.



Once all of the framing, plumbing, and electrical work has been completed, drywall can be positioned on top of the framing, which will make your basement appear more like the finished design.



Your chosen paints can be added to the walls and support beams, which will allow the room to gain a more stylish appearance that matches your interior design.



The final stage in the basement remodeling process involves adding the doors that you've selected. Trim is a decorative element that should also be installed around your windows, doors, and floors.



Whether you want to add hardwood floors to your basement or would like to install some plush carpet, our team at Portico can install any flooring of your choice, after which your basement remodel should be finished.

Benefits of a Basement Remodel

As with any remodeling project, the benefits of a basement remodel are significant. The main benefits of a basement remodel include:

  • Improves Your Home's Resale Value - Once you complete a full basement remodel, you can gain a return on investment of up to 70%.
  • Enhances Enjoyment of Your Home - Once you remodel your basement, the area can be used for more than just a storage area for old junk, which allows you to get more out of your home.
  • Increases Room Utilization - A basement makeover is highly versatile and allows you to increase room utilization. For instance, you could convert the basement into a bedroom or living room.
  • Can Bolster Energy Efficiency - When a basement is left unfinished, it likely contains insufficient insulation, which allows air to escape. Basement finishing services allow for proper insulation and improved energy efficiency.

When Is It Time to Remodel Your Basement?

It may be time to remodel your basement if:

  • Your current basement isn't usable and you need more functional space in your home
  • Your current basement is grimy and dirty
  • The room has an antique and dated look
  • The area doesn't contain enough storage space
  • You want to have another bedroom in your home without needing to expand your home's floor plan

If you notice any of these issues with your current basement, it may be time for a basement remodel.

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Basement Remodel Ideas for Charlotte Homeowners


Not much work needs to be done to convert a sizable basement into a bedroom or in-law suite. Once you add the right flooring and paint the walls, all that's left is to place a bed in the room. With enough space, you could even create a suite that comes with a kitchenette and dining area.

Basements have long been used as recreation and play rooms. Add some mounted ceiling lights and storage solutions before outfitting the room with a billiards table, minibar, arcade machines, a couple of chairs, and a sofa.

Basements can be the perfect space for a home theater. Use darker paints and less lighting to keep the room dark for an optimal viewing experience. Some leather theater chairs and a home entertainment system are the perfect additions for any home theater.

If you want a separate office space in your basement, the right lighting and appliances can provide you with the ideal space for your in-home office. Along with a nice desk and chair, you'll also want ample storage for office supplies.

In the event that your basement doesn't have a large amount of free space, you could use the area as a laundry room. Consider patterned flooring, bright lights, and stylish cabinetry.

If you don't have enough space in your main living area for a home gym, the basement is the perfect location for all of your fitness equipment. Make sure that you use workout-friendly flooring materials, the primary of which include foam tiles, rubber mats, and vinyl panels. From weight racks to treadmills, any exercise equipment could be added to your gym.

If you enjoy entertaining guests, adding a bar to your basement could be exactly what you need. Along with shelves and seats, you'll likely want to add a bar counter and wine cellar. Consider placing a small HDTV on the wall behind the bar.

Our Turn-Key Basement Remodel Approach

Our basement makeover company handles both the design and construction work under the same contract, which alleviates the burden of signing two separate contracts. When remodeling your basement, it's important that you don't sign a design contract only to find that your preferred contractor isn't equipped to handle the entire scope of your project.

Stress-Free Experience

At Portico, our team aims to provide customers with white-glove service by paying attention to every detail of the basement renovation process. Our goal is to make sure that your experience is stress-free.

Faster Project Delivery

Our many years of combined experience has allowed our team to refine the construction process to ensure faster project delivery. We'll work with you to develop a project timeline that you're satisfied with.

Reduced Construction Costs

Throughout the entire construction process, Portico works with reliable and trustworthy vendors to obtain materials and equipment at a reduced cost. The network that we've built over the years allows us to obtain lower costs at every stage of the construction process.

Charlotte Basement Remodel FAQs

Do I need to clean my basement before the start of the remodel?

You'll definitely want to clean your basement and remove any junk before the remodeling project is set to begin. It's important that the area is cleaned if you want to avoid any of your possessions being damaged or misplaced.

How long does a basement remodel take?

The scope of the project determines the timeframe from start to finish. Most basement remodels can be completed in under 4 weeks.

Do basement bedrooms count on an appraisal?

If you remodel your basement into a bedroom, the area is counted as an above-grade room once an appraisal occurs. Just be sure the basement adheres to the basic living standards, which means that the room should be outfitted with a door and windows that meet the local building code.