Full Home Remodels for Charlotte Homeowners

A whole-house home renovation is an all-encompassing renovation that's designed to remodel and revamp every aspect of the home.

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners choose to perform a whole-house home renovation. For instance, you may buy a house for its location but find that the interior of the house is lacking and of poor quality. A whole-house home renovation allows you to have input over the entire design.

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Benefits of Remodeling Your Whole House

Remodeling a single room as opposed to the entire house comes with several notable risks. The main risk is that renovating a single room could leave you with one room that's considerably better than the rest of your home. There are many benefits associated with a whole-house remodel, the primary of which include:
  • Live in Your Desired Neighborhood: You can't put a price on location. If you currently live in a fantastic neighborhood, you could enhance your current home with renovations instead of moving to a new home.
  • Increase Home Value: Renovating your entire home should substantially increase the value of your property.
  • Restore Family Property With Sentimental Value: If your home has sentimental value and you don't want to sell it, you can remodel the entire home to improve your living conditions.
  • Save on Expenses: Purchasing a new home in a desired neighborhood is great but can be costly. By renovating your current home, you can enhance the appearance and functionality of your home without spending too much money.

Our Turn-Key Whole-House Remodel Approach

Portico covers every aspect of the remodeling process by handling the design and construction work under the same contract. When remodeling your entire home, it's important that the work is efficient and structured. If separate contracts need to be signed for the design and construction work, you may find it difficult to get everyone on the same page.



Portico strives to provide quality service to all of our customers, which means that professionalism and expediency are essential to the work we perform and the customer service we provide.

Faster Project

Before your whole-house remodel project begins, we'll work with you to develop a structured timeline that fits your schedule. Then, our team will work efficiently to ensure faster project delivery.

Construction Costs

By partnering with trusted, local contractors and subcontractors we've worked with for years, we are able to obtain reduced construction costs for all of our customers.


Higher Quality

From the moment our work begins, each member of Team Portico aims to deliver higher-quality results that we can be proud of and you can be satisfied with.

Charlotte Whole-House Renovation Project Costs

If you want to renovate your entire home, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15,000-$200,000 in total costs.

The main factors that play a part in how much your home remodel will cost include:


  • The need for mechanical or structural repairs
  • Any underlying issues with your current home
  • The home's total square footage
  • The materials that are being used during the remodeling process
  • The home's location


For more information on whole-house remodel costs in the Charlotte area, contact Portico online or give us a call at 704-915-5151 today.

Whole-House Renovations for Charlotte’s Historic Homes

Our team is able to provide whole-house renovations for historic homes throughout Charlotte. However, there are some unique challenges that present themselves during this type of renovation.

For one, the materials in the home are usually much older, which makes them less stable and sometimes more difficult to work with.

Despite these challenges, our team is well-equipped to handle any issues that might arise when renovating a historic home. Plus, Team Portico can guide homeowners through the historic district commission approval process.

Portico’s Whole-House
Remodel Process

The whole-house remodel process is lengthy and time-consuming, regardless of the amount of work that's being done. However, the stages of this process are very similar to the ones that occur when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom.


We’ll work with you to determine how extensive you want the remodeling project to be. While this consultation is ongoing, our team members can help you understand the scope, timeline, and estimated costs of your project.


Before any new work can occur, the aspects of your home that are being changed may need to be demolished. The demolition process can involve everything from tearing down walls to removing wallpaper.

This process can take upwards of one week for an entire home. Afterward, the rebuilding stage will begin, which involves the basic framework being added to your home to accommodate future additions and installations.


Gas and water utilities will be repositioned to account for the new layout. During this stage of the process, your entire home may need to be rewired.


Once the framework in your home is up and ready, the walls will usually be added next. This process begins by inserting insulation, after which drywall will be hung. The walls will be sanded to make sure that they are ready for wallpaper or paint. The flooring you’ve chosen will then be installed, which is a relatively straightforward aspect of the whole-house remodel process.


Any new cabinets and appliances that you’ve selected will be installed. Our team works hard to make sure that the walls and flooring are left undamaged during this stage of the process.


The final stage of a whole-house remodel involves putting the finishing touches on the project. This stage typically includes steps like painting the walls, installing new light fixtures, adding window and door trim, and putting in shelves.

Choose Portico for Your Charlotte Whole-Home Remodel Project

Our team at Portico has been in the home renovation industry for many years. During this time, we've built a strong reputation as being a reliable and trustworthy contractor you can count on.

Whole-house projects are difficult and require an extensive amount of planning. Throughout every stage of the process, we strive to communicate with our clients on a regular basis to keep them aware of how the project is progressing.


Whole-house renovations are large projects that can take many months to finish. For such an expansive project, it's important that the people you work with are trustworthy and have your best interests in mind.


Our team aims to innovate wherever possible by using the latest materials and techniques for whole-house projects.


Personalization is a key focus for our team at Portico. Once we're done with the renovation, we want your home to match your exact design specifications.

Charlotte Whole-House Renovation FAQs

Can you remodel a whole house?

The same principles that are used to remodel a single room can be used to remodel an entire house. The only differences between these projects include total project costs and project duration.

Is it cheaper to remodel a whole house or buy a new home?

It's usually much cheaper to remodel a house instead of buying a new home. Unless you downsize by moving into a much smaller home, remodeling a home should be more affordable.

Can I live in my home during a whole-house renovation?

You can definitely live in your home while it's being renovated. However, doing so can be frustrating because you'll need to make way for the subcontractors when they decide to work on a specific room. It may be easier to find another place to live during construction.

How long does a whole-house renovation take?

The amount of time it takes to complete a whole-house renovation depends on the size of your home and the scope of the project. Whole-house remodels can take anywhere from 6-15 months.