Charlotte Licensed Electricians

Electrical Work in the Charlotte Area

Portico has a team of skilled electricians who possess over 30+ years of collective experience. Our licensed professionals are equipped to efficiently address any electrical concerns within your home.

Need help with a wiry project? Let the electrical experts at Portico get the job done at your Charlotte-area home. Give us a call at 704-915-5151 today to schedule service.

Electrical Services We Offer

At Portico, we provide a comprehensive selection of electrical services, guaranteeing meticulous execution and superior quality for your project. We specialize in a variety of tasks, and although the list below offers a glimpse of our expertise, we are versatile enough to assist with any other requirements you may have.

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  • New Construction Wiring
  • Residential Rewiring
  • Panel Upgrades or Replacements
  • Electric Car Charger Installation 
  • Ground Wire Installation
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installation 
  • Repair or Replace Light Fixtures
  • Install or Repair Outlets & Switches
  • Install or Repair Fans 

Charlotte Electrical Work FAQs

What are the signs that I may have faulty electrical wiring in my home?

Several signs indicate the presence of faulty electrical wiring in a home. Look out for the following indicators: frequent circuit breaker trips or blown fuses, flickering lights when other electrical appliances are in use, outlets that feel warm to the touch, or unusual smells coming from outlets, switches, or electrical panels.

What are the benefits of upgrading my home's electrical panel?

Upgrading your home's electrical panel can offer several benefits such as enhanced safety, increased electrical capacity, and greater support for modern electrical appliances like electric vehicle chargers, high-efficiency HVAC systems and more.

How long does it typically take to complete electrical work in a home?

The duration of electrical work in a home can vary depending on the complexity and scale of the project. Simple tasks, such as installing an outlet or replacing a light fixture, can typically be completed within a few hours. However, larger projects like rewiring an entire house or upgrading the electrical panel may take several days or even weeks to finish, depending on factors like the size of the property and the number of electricians working on the project. Talk with our team today to schedule a consultation for your homes electric project!