Licensed Home Renovation Contractors in the Charlotte Area

The best way to maximize an investment is to renovate parts of a property that are dated, impractical, or broken. From years of experience in the real estate world, we know all too well the money pit you can fall into with lengthy renovations. Hiring a reputable contractor who prioritizes timeliness and quality is essential in capitalizing on your investment opportunity.

That’s why Portico has streamlined the home renovation process, eliminating the unnecessary hassles to help investors maximize their return fast. Our real estate experience is a Portico strength — we know which projects will appeal to buyers and are worth the investment. 

For institutional investors, that means a higher selling price; for holdings, that means increased rent.

Looking to update your Charlotte-area investment property? Contact the home renovation experts at Portico to get a quote give us a call at 704-915-5151  today!

Our Charlotte Home Renovation Services

From bathroom remodels to whole-home upgrades, our home remodeling expertise expands to all aspects of residential renovations.


Give kitchens new life with updated cabinetry, flooring, countertops, and backsplashes.

Kitchen Renovations  →

Make bathrooms functional and fashionable by upgrading appliances, lighting, bathtubs or showers, and flooring.

Bathroom Renovations  →

Turn basements into more than just storage spaces. With new flooring and cabinetry, create a home office, bedroom, or play area.

Basement Projects  →

Maximize garage space with additional flooring and storage, or completely transform the space into a studio or home gym.

Garage Projects  →

Attract remote workers by turning a spare bedroom into a functional home office.

Home Office Projects  →

In addition to improving the home’s appearance, new windows also lower energy costs – a value that’s directly passed on to the buyer or renter.

Window Projects  →

Create a sense of security while also enhancing the aesthetic of the property with new doors.

Door Projects  →

Make a strong first impression by adding new flooring. Whether you choose hardwood or vinyl, all options offer unique benefits.

Floor Projects  →

A fresh coat of interior paint can do wonders for a property, from making a space feel bigger to highlighting a focal point.

Interior Painting Projects  →

New siding provides many benefits to homes, including increased home value, improved home appearance, and reduced monthly energy bills.

Siding Projects  →

Repair unsightly roofs while also eliminating the risk of future damage that can result from a poor-quality structure. 

Roofing Projects  →

The easiest way to give your property a new look and feel is to start with upgrading the exterior color.

Exterior Painting Projects  →

The Benefits of Home Renovations With Portico

Portico delivers a total turn-key renovation experience by handling both design and construction work under the same contract. This not only cuts down on unnecessary paperwork; it ensures that your Portico contractor and subcontractors are following the same vision and plan from start to finish.


Time Savings

Portico is a one-stop shop for home renovations. This means you get to work with one company instead of handling the process of vetting and juggling multiple vendors and contractors yourself.

Constant Communication

With Portico, you have one point of contact throughout the entire renovation process – someone that will keep you looped in and updated on construction progress, while also answering any questions you may have.

Reduced Costs

We’ve spent years cultivating lasting relationships with some of the most reputable vendors in the Charlotte metro area. Any material and construction savings we receive, we pass on to you.