The Outdoor Escape: Transforming A Charlotte Patio Into A Year-Round Entertainment Hub

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Nancy & Kevin's Beautiful Patio Transformation Project

A Brief Overview

Portico’s “Outdoor Escape” project transformed a drab space into a vibrant entertainment hub in Charlotte, NC. With a budget of $125K, this renovation turned a simple, maintenance-heavy patio into a luxurious, low-maintenance outdoor living room that captivates and comforts.





The Challenge

Nancy and Kevin’s home, built in 1973, originally featured a small step-up porch that lacked the space and functionality for entertaining. The existing patio was challenging to maintain and could only be accessed through the kitchen, limiting its use and enjoyment.

The 3-Phase Process

Hannah And Charlie's Green Tile Bathroom Design Phase

Blending Indoor Comfort With Outdoor Pleasures

The design phase focused on creating a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. We introduced large French doors and expansive windows to maximize natural light and improve access. Material selections were centered around durability and ease of maintenance, including a new, low-maintenance deck material that eliminated the need for frequent power washing.

Contractor Working On Home Renovation Project

Crafting The Ideal Outdoor Living Space

The build phase included the construction of the wrap-around deck and the installation of a robust roof structure to shield them against the elements. Fans and heaters were strategically placed to ensure the space could be a cozy retreat regardless of the season. We installed a custom serving area and an outdoor TV, making entertaining a breeze during Nancy and Kevin’s gatherings.

Nancy & Kevin's Beautiful Patio Transformation Project

Celebrating The New Heart Of The Home

For Nancy and Kevin, completing their outdoor project transformed their lifestyle. The space now serves as a central gathering point for friends and family, offering a year-round invitation to enjoy good company, great food, and the beautiful weather in Charlotte.

The Outcome

Portico’s expertise addressed the physical limitations of the old patio and captured the essence of what Nancy and Kevin envisioned for their outdoor space: a perfect blend of functionality, style, and comfort. This transformation has allowed them to host gatherings comfortably and enjoy their outdoor space like never before.


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