The Green Tile Bathroom: A Breathtaking Transformation

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Hannah And Charlie's Green Tile Bathroom

A Brief Overview

Hannah and Charlie enlisted the help of Portico to remodel their bathroom in Charlotte, NC. The project involved turning a dull bathroom into a customized, spacious oasis within two months. The remodel focused on style and practicality, reflecting the couple’s preferences. The result is a beautiful and functional bathroom representing the couple’s tastes.





The Challenge

Hannah and Charlie’s initial bathroom lacked the functionality and aesthetic appeal they desired. An oversized, unfinished shower dominated the space. The bathroom didn’t have a bathtub, which the couple wanted for relaxation.

The 3-Phase Process

Hannah And Charlie's Green Tile Bathroom Design Phase

Crafting A Vision With Earthy Tones & Elegant Textures

The design phase began with deep discussions between Hannah, Charlie, and our talented designer, Miranda. Together, they sifted through inspiration images to pinpoint the exact look and feel the couple envisioned for their bathroom. The selection of a large white Herringbone tile laid the foundation for a visually engaging entrance, while a unique green tile accent wall captured Hannah’s love for earthy tones and added a touch of nature-inspired beauty.

Design part of the bathroom remodeling steps

Meticulous Execution Of A Custom Design

Under the watchful eye of Project Manager Sean, the build phase was executed with precision over two months. Every detail, from the installation of the luxurious soaking tub to the crafting of the custom teak vanity, was handled with care to ensure the bathroom not only met but exceeded Hannah and Charlie’s expectations.

Hannah And Charlie's Green Tile Bathroom

A Personal Sanctuary That Feels Like Home

Now complete, the bathroom is a testament to Hannah and Charlie’s first major project in their new home. Their bathroom is a retreat that reflects their personalities and lifestyle, providing them with daily enjoyment and a space that truly feels like their own.

The Outcome

Portico’s expertise in custom remodeling allowed us to transform a barely functional bathroom into one that is both stunning and deeply personal. From selecting materials that reflect light and warmth to designing a layout that maximizes space, every detail of the remodel was tailored to Hannah and Charlie’s desires, making their new home truly their own.


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