From Leaky Bathroom To Dream Spa In Charlotte, NC

Turning A Challenging Space Into A Luxurious Retreat

Kristin & Joe’s Dream Spa Bathroom Project

A Brief Overview

Portico transformed Kristin and Joe’s outdated and leaky 1996 bathroom into a beautiful spa-like sanctuary. This project resolved functional flaws, created an open, airy space, and embraced the homeowners’ love for refined, furniture-like aesthetics.





The Challenge

Kristin and Joe had a dysfunctional bathroom layout exacerbated by a severe leak, making a renovation necessary. The space was outdated and lacked the functionality and aesthetic appeal they desired.

The 3-Phase Process

Hannah And Charlie's Green Tile Bathroom Design Phase

Embracing Custom Elegance

Guided by Miranda, our designer, the couple could visualize the transformation through detailed renderings. The design process allowed them to select custom elements that perfectly matched their style, such as the red oak custom vanity that matches their beams and gives a furniture-like feel.

Contractor Working On Home Renovation Project

Crafting The Vision

Our project manager, Marty, meticulously managed the build phase, ensuring seamless coordination and communication. We reconfigured the bathroom layout by removing a dividing wall, which made the space feel larger and brighter. High-quality materials like marble and quartz create a sophisticated finish.

Kristin & Joe’s Dream Spa Bathroom Project

A Spa Experience

Kristin and Joe now enjoy a serene, spa-like bathroom that perfectly aligns with their tastes and lifestyle. Their bathroom is now a peaceful retreat that evokes calmness and comfort.

The Outcome

Portico’s expertise in custom renovations helped Kristin and Joe achieve a visually stunning and functional bathroom. Every element, from the layout to the custom fixtures, was designed to address their needs, resulting in a personal and luxurious space.


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