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Do you dread hiring a contractor who ends up not creating what you’d hoped for your master bathroom remodel? Or wondered if there’s a bathroom remodeler out there who can truly capture your vision for your guest bathroom?

You’re not just looking for a makeover; you’re seeking a partner who understands your dream bathroom down to the last tile.

Dive into this guide, and by the end, you’ll be equipped with the insights to choose the right remodeler for your bathroom remodel in Charlotte, NC.

Before We Begin…

CEOs of Portico

We have to put ourselves on this list because we truly believe we’re one of the top bathroom remodelers in Charlotte.

Our approach to bathroom remodeling services is all about ease and customization, ensuring our customers have an exemplary experience from the consultation to the final touches. With a team that boasts extensive experience in bathroom remodels, we truly understand the nuances of transforming that space to match your vision.

Our process is comprehensive and transparent:

  1. Consultation & Estimate: We start by understanding the scope and scale of your bathroom remodel, answering all your remodeling queries, and quickly providing a proposal.
  2. Design Creation: Your vision is translated into fully realized designs, ensuring the project’s scope matches your budget.
  3. Contract Review: Before any work begins, we ensure you’re fully confident in your decision by guiding you through every contract detail.
  4. Work Commencement: We only engage licensed, insured, and trustworthy subcontractors, ensuring your project meets the timeline and set budget.
  5. Enjoy Your Newly Remodeled Space: Once your bathroom remodel is complete, we ensure everything is in order and perform a comprehensive cleaning of the work site.

The Top Bathroom Remodeler List For Charlotte, NC

*Note: some of the bathroom remodeler companies on this list are subcontractors used for specific parts of a remodel, such as plumbing, cabinetry, etc.

Absolute Marble & Granite, Inc.

Stars: 4.9

Reviews: 83

Specializes in cabinets & countertops. With a strong focus on delivering high-quality craftsmanship, Absolute Marble & Granite, Inc. has established itself in Charlotte.

Andrei Handyman Services

Stars: 4.9

Reviews: 39

They are general contractors, painters, and handymen with a Yelp Guarantee. The business is veteran-owned and operated. Their services range from tile, painting, small to large repairs, TV installation, and free inspections.

CHS Construction

Stars: 4.0

Reviews: 37

They offer services as general contractors, painters, and kitchen & bath experts. Feedback includes outstanding work for their bathroom and kitchen remodeling service.

AG Design and Build

Stars: 5.0

Reviews: 24

Verified licensed general contractors serving the Charlotte area. One of the specific mentions is their excellence in condominium bathroom remodels.

Shawn’s Home Improvement

Stars: 4.4

Reviews: 23

They offer services as painters, general contractors, and electricians. They have the Yelp Guarantee. Their workmanship is guaranteed. One of the services mentioned is fixing outlets and installing bathroom exhaust fans.

F2 Construction

Stars: 5.0

Reviews: 18

General contractors serving the Charlotte area. They have been used for various projects, including bathroom renovations.

Smiley Construction

Stars: 5.0

Reviews: 2

General contractors with Yelp Guarantee. In business as a bathroom remodeler and more since 2011. They assist customers in achieving their visions for home remodels, including kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and more. They also offer services in Spanish.

Goldstar Kitchen And Bath

Stars: 5.0

Reviews: 4

They are general contractors with expertise in interior design. They are praised for top-notch bathroom design and installation.

Bath Fitter

Stars: 4.2

Reviews: 5

General contractors specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovation. Their finished products are described as beautiful-looking bathrooms with superior quality.

Signature Home Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Stars: 5.0

Reviews: 1

General contractors with expertise in countertop installation and cabinetry. Feedback indicates satisfaction with a completed bathroom remodel.

Summit Construction

General contractors that offer free consultations and estimates. They promise to consistently deliver efficiency, excellence, and quality on all their projects.

Alair Homes Charlotte

Alair Homes Charlotte has made a mark in the Charlotte community as a bathroom remodeler. They pride themselves on their transparent approach, thorough planning, and timely delivery, ensuring a smooth remodeling journey for their clients.

Roby Builders

Andrew Roby, renowned since 1950, stands out in both Boone and Charlotte, NC, for their bathroom remodeling services. Their team values clear communication and client collaboration, aiming to transform bathrooms into welcoming, rejuvenating sanctuaries tailored to each homeowner’s unique preferences.

Simonini Homes

Simonini Homes, since 1994, has been a notable name in Charlotte for their distinctive homes and renovations. Their craftsmanship has been recognized with awards, and they emphasize building lasting relationships with their clients.

DiFabion Remodeling

DiFabion Remodeling, since its inception in 2000, has aimed to be a solid mid-sized bathroom remodeler firm in Charlotte. Their dedication to quality and professionalism is evident in their extensive portfolio of remodeling projects.

ReVision Design/Remodeling

ReVision Design/Remodeling, with 17 years under their belt, has a consistent track record in residential projects. Their design-build process ensures a smooth transformation of spaces, showcasing their commitment to improvement.

Guthmann Construction

Guthmann Construction, for the past three decades, has been a recognized name in Charlotte’s design and construction landscape. Their innovative designs and attention to detail are evident in their diverse portfolio as a bathroom remodeler.

Detailed Interiors

Detailed Interiors, founded by Steve Matela in 1996, is known for its precision in the Charlotte area. Their commitment to quality and personalized approach ensures client satisfaction in every project.

Hopedale Builders

Hopedale Builders, since 1997, has been dedicated to delivering top-notch custom renovations. Their approach focuses on excellent customer service and innovative solutions to renovation challenges.

Tile Collection

Tile Collection, a family-owned firm since 1992, offers comprehensive design-build solutions in Charlotte. Their commitment to innovation and quality is backed by their state-of-the-art fabrication facility.

J Barwick Construction

J Barwick Construction, with a 13-year history, is known for its dedication to custom home constructions and renovations in Charlotte. Their approach as a bathroom remodeler emphasizes collaboration and quality.

Tri-Square Builders

Tri-Square Builders, established in 1984, has a long-standing reputation in South Charlotte. Their extensive experience showcases their dedication to exceeding client expectations.

Distinctive Design/Build/Remodel

Distinctive Design/Build/Remodel, since 1997, is a recognized name as a kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Charlotte. Their holistic approach ensures that every project detail is managed with excellence.

Stuart Brown Custom Construction

Stuart Brown Custom Construction, founded in 2004, emphasizes honesty and integrity in their custom homes and remodeling projects in Charlotte. Their projects reflect their commitment to quality.

DeRhodes Construction

DeRhodes Construction, since 2004, offers tailored solutions for homes and businesses in Charlotte. Led by Eddie DeRhodes, they prioritize client satisfaction in every project.

GJK Building & Remodeling

GJK Building & Remodeling is a known name in Charlotte for design and remodeling. Their work as a bathroom remodeler is often praised for its quality and professionalism.

International Kitchen And Bath, Inc.

International Kitchen and Bath, Inc. has been recognized for its designs in Charlotte. Their bathroom renovations often receive positive feedback for professionalism.

Dream Home Builders and Remodelers

Dream Home Builders & Remodelers is a go-to name in Charlotte for custom kitchen and bath designs. Their service quality is often lauded by their clients.

Roldan Construction and Plumbing LLC

Roldan Construction and Plumbing LLC offers tailored kitchen and bath designs in Mecklenburg County. Their efficiency and design quality have been appreciated by many clients.

Shadow1 Contracting

Shadow1 Contracting is a great luxury kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Charlotte. They are known for their quick response times and efficient work. Clients have praised the owner, John, for supporting local businesses.

Other Companies Related To Bathroom Remodeling

E.A. Jones Plumbing Services Co.

Stars: 5.0

Reviews: 53

They offer services such as fixture repair, tankless heater installs, and plumbing remodels. Their comprehensive range of services ensures that every plumbing need is addressed with expertise.

Building Impact LLC

Building Impact LLC is a reputable construction company in Mecklenburg County. Clients have praised their timeliness, communication, and ability to manage various sub-contractors. They have been contracted for modular home finishes, as well as various improvements and upgrades as a bathroom remodeler, delivering exceptional results that clients are thrilled with.

Metropolitan Design Concepts

Metropolitan Design Concepts offers interior design services and has been praised for its innovative and personalized designs. They have assisted clients with various projects, including home and business office renovations.

What To Consider Before Starting A Bathroom Remodel In Charlotte

Before Portico does a bathroom remodel

Embarking on a bathroom remodeling project with a Charlotte bathroom remodeler can be both exciting and daunting. Before diving into the world of tiles, fixtures, and flooring, there are several factors every homeowner should consider:

  1. Budget: Establish a clear budget for your bathroom remodeler to work within. This will guide decisions on materials, fixtures, and labor.
  2. Scope: Decide if you’re looking for a complete bathroom remodel or just updating certain elements. This could range from a full bathroom remodel to a simple bathroom tile replacement.
  3. Design: Envision your ideal modern bathroom. Are you leaning towards marble tiles, ceramic, or another material?
  4. Functionality: The smallest rooms in the house, like guest baths or the powder room, require a functional design. Consider the needs of your family and lifestyle.
  5. Contractor: Choose remodeling contractors with a proven track record in Charlotte. Look for reviews, previous builder’s work, and certifications.
  6. Permits: In Charlotte, North Carolina, certain remodels may require permits. Ensure your contractor is familiar with local regulations.
  7. Unforeseen Issues: Always account for potential unforeseen issues. Once work begins, there might be challenges not visible during the initial assessment.
  8. Trends vs. Timelessness: While it’s tempting to go with the latest product trends, consider what will stand the test of time in terms of style and functionality.

FAQs Charlotte Homeowners Are Asking About Bathroom Remodelers

After Portico finishes a bathroom remodel

Q: How much does a typical Charlotte bathroom remodel cost?

A bathroom remodel in Charlotte, NC, can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $125,000 and higher. The price will depend on factors such as bathroom size, material choice, and who you choose to do your project.

Q: How long does a bathroom remodel take in Charlotte?

Depending on the extent of the complete remodel, it can range from a few days for minor updates to several weeks for a master bathroom overhaul.

Q: Do I need a permit for a bathroom remodel in Charlotte?

For significant changes, especially those that involve plumbing or electrical work, permits might be required. Your general contractor should be familiar with the process in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Q: Can I stay in my house while my bathroom is being remodeled?

Yes, most homeowners stay in their homes during the remodel. However, expect some disruptions to daily life, especially if you’re remodeling key bathrooms.

Q: What’s trending in modern bathroom designs in Charlotte?

While trends change, popular locations in and around Charlotte see a rise in open showers, functional bathroom storage solutions, and sustainable materials. However, always choose what aligns with your personal style and the existing space of your home.

Q: How do I choose the right bathroom remodeler in Charlotte?

Look for a remodeler with excellent job reviews, a portfolio showcasing their work, and a transparent approach to cost and timelines. It makes sense to also ask for references and check their previous projects.

Portico: Your Passport To Pristine Bathrooms

It’s evident that a bathroom remodel is more than just tiles and fixtures; it’s about crafting a space that resonates with your style and functionality needs.

At Portico, we pride ourselves on turning your visions into reality, ensuring every corner of your bathroom reflects perfection.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey with the best in the business? Fill out our contact form today, or give us a call. Your dream bathroom awaits!

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