8 “Wow”-Worthy Basement Remodel Ideas

When it comes to interior design, basements are a wildcard. Unlike the bathroom or kitchen, a basement has no designated purpose. It can be whatever you want it to be – a movie theater, home office, gym, mother-in-law suite, and on and on.

If you’re intimidated by the limitless potential of this multipurpose space, take a deep breath and keep scrolling. We’ve compiled eight basement remodel ideas that’ll make you say “wow.”


If you’re into cycling or mountain biking, you’ll understand that the hobby comes with some storage woes. Without a garage, you’re often forced to shove your bike into a guest bedroom, lean it against a wall in your living room, or leave it outside to rust.

Setting up a home bike shop in your basement gives you the space to both store and tinker with your rig. You’ll just need to enlist the help of a professional to:

  • Insulate and finish the walls
  • Cover the floor with a textured, non-slip epoxy
  • Install wall mounts
  • Hang shelves and cabinets for gear storage

You might also consider adding a small hand sink and an indoor bike-washing station.


Do you no longer feel comfortable munching popcorn next to an unmasked stranger? If so, recreate the movie-watching experience in your basement with an at-home cinema.

Hire a general contractor to wire the space for a surround-sound audio system and projector. For even better acoustics, your contractor can install a water-resistant flooring like cork or vinyl tile with a sound-insulating underlayment. For extra flair, add dimmable recessed lighting and wall sconces. You may also choose a funky, art deco wallpaper.


An at-home office might not be as fun as an at-home cinema, but it can provide the peace and quiet you need to get work done.

Depending on the current state of your basement, you’ll need to enlist the expertise of a general contractor to:

  • Add sound insulation between the studs
  • Create a separate entryway, if this space will be visited by clients
  • Install water-resistant flooring like engineered hardwood
  • Plumb a small powder room and add a kitchenette for convenience
  • Hang shelves and cabinets

Since you’ll be spending countless hours in this space, design it in a way that feels personable but also professional. For instance, you could choose a muted, office-friendly paint color but reserve one wall for a bolder complementary color.


Are you looking for ways to generate passive income? If so, look no further than your dark and dingy basement. With a hearty dose of TLC, this unloved space can bring in hundreds of dollars per month as a rental property.

Though a general contractor can handle each step of this project, here’s a quick overview of what lies ahead:

  • Installing a separate entrance
  • Creating defined living spaces
  • Insulating the walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Adding the necessary electrical and plumbing systems

As a disclaimer, you should always check with your city or county to see if zoning laws allow for basement rentals. Your homeowner’s association may also have restrictions regarding short- and long-term rentals.


If you’re feeling frazzled and stressed, an in-home yoga studio might be the remodeling remedy you need.

To infuse your basement with zen, hire a professional to:

  • Paint the walls a bright but calming color like light gray, soft sage, or antique white
  • Add minimalistic recessed lighting with dimmer switches
  • Install a water-resistant but supple flooring like engineered hardwood

If you have more wiggle room in your budget, you might hire a general contractor to plumb a basement bathroom. Or, if you hope to teach classes in this space, you might consider having your general contractor install a private changing area and a separate entrance.


Are your kiddos homeschooled? If so, let the dinner table reclaim its original purpose (think: eating) and move the algebra lessons to your basement. Since basements are sequestered away from the rest of the house, they’re great places for studying.

The project will involve:

  • Painting the walls a clean, stark white and incorporating pops of color with wall hangings and maps
  • Adding lots of cabinets and shelves for storing books, school supplies, games, and toys
  • Installing a small powder room
  • Painting the concrete floors or installing budget-friendly vinyl

As your general contractor transforms your basement into a classroom, keep in mind that you might need to invest in an internet booster or separate hotspot to receive a strong signal.


A dark and damp basement is the perfect place to serve up some Dark ’n’ Stormy cocktails. For the latter, you’ll need rum, ginger beer, and a few dashes of bitters. But for the basement remodel, you’ll need a licensed general contractor.

Your general contractor can help you tackle every aspect of this remodel. However, before you hire a professional, think about your vision for the space. The intended vibe of your speakeasy will determine the layout, lighting, flooring, paint color, and more.

For example:

  • For a mid-century vibe, paint the walls a rich, bold color like midnight blue and install rich, walnut-stained cabinets.
  • For a shabby-chic flair, install engineered hardwood underfoot and tin ceiling tiles overhead.
  • For a coastal style, incorporate wicker, pine, and palm. Patinated copper finishes are good, too.


Is it hard to find a quiet space to read in your home? If so, consider hiring a professional to convert your basement into a library. If your walls are already finished, a contractor will just need to:

  • Install sophisticated flooring like ceramic tile or engineered hardwood
  • Paint the walls a posh color like billiard green or flannel gray
  • Bring bookshelves into the space
  • Add a powder room for convenience

If you don’t have the space to dedicate your entire basement to books, consider installing a reading nook under your basement stairs. Though smaller, this space will still feel private and quiet.


If you have a damp and dull basement, consider giving it a facelift and turning it into a space you actually enjoy. Depending on your interests, you might consider a bike workshop or a money-making apartment unit. The sky – well, your basement ceiling – is the limit.

No matter your vision, call Team Portico. As a licensed general contractor in Charlotte, we can transform the darkest and most neglected of basements into something beautiful. What’s even better?

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