The Grand Unifier: How Portico Eased a Family’s Bathroom Woes

When Marisa Schwartz’ teenagers started fighting over mirror time, Portico helped them make up.  

The teenage years are tough for any parent. But adolescence proved especially rocky for Marisa Schwartz, whose two teenage daughters were forced to share a bathroom. 

“They were fighting constantly,” she says. “For our sanity, we needed our kids to have their own bathrooms.”

However, Marisa and her husband couldn’t navigate this bathroom addition alone. They needed the expertise of Charlotte’s leading general contractor, Team Portico. 

Setting Fire to the Family Feud

Marisa and her husband purchased their house in the Ballantyne community of Thornhill 13 years ago. Back then, it made perfect sense for their family of four. Downstairs, there was a powder room for guests. Upstairs, there was a master en suite and a second full bath where their daughters could get ready for school.

But as Marisa’s daughters grew up, they developed contradictory personalities. “We have one very, very messy child,” Marisa explains, “and one very, very clean child.”

Toothpaste gloops on the countertop, smears on the mirror, hair in the drain—these messes were fuel for endless arguments. Finally, after one too many quarrels, Marisa and her husband decided to sell their home and buy one with four bathrooms.

That proved to be easier said than done. Marisa wanted to relocate to Ballantyne Country Club, an exclusive community just six minutes from their current home. She also wanted a property with a pool or a yard that could support a pool. “But we just couldn’t find a house that met every need,” she says. 

Recruiting Professional Expertise

After an exhaustive real estate search, Marisa and her husband agreed to add a bathroom to their current residence. But since neither are handy, they needed a general contractor who could walk them through each step of the remodel. That’s when they hired Team Portico.

During the initial consultation, the building professionals with Portico listened as Marisa explained her vision for the space. They quickly determined that an extra bathroom was possible if they reallocated some square footage from the family’s bonus room. 

From there, the general contractor helped Marisa pick out materials, offering suggestions to minimize costs and wait time. 

“They communicated about everything,” Marisa says, noting that when the toilet she wanted wasn’t available, Portico proposed a comparable throne. “Then, when our tile was back-ordered, they helped us pick out something else,” she says.

“Portico’s price point was beyond fair. We didn’t overpay by a single cent.”
Marisa Schwartz
Portico Client

Tackling the Tiniest of Details

Portico also took the time to introduce every subcontractor—from the plumber to the drywall specialist—and ensured that those workers showed up. 

“I was never calling them, asking them where they were,” says Marisa. “If anything, they were calling me.”

What’s even better? Team Portico tackled the tiniest of details, even installing the toilet paper holder and a makeup mirror for Marisa’s daughter. 

“They went above and beyond, making the space a perfect, ready-to-use bathroom,” she says.

Uniting Two Sisters at a Fair Price

Now that they each have their own private bathrooms, Marisa’s daughters are better than ever. 

And who wouldn’t be? The new bathroom is sleek, modern, and functional. The shower is outfitted with a custom glass door, rain showerhead, and Bluetooth speaker that’s perfect for jamming out. 

“Any teenager would be happy with this space,” says Marisa.  

Thanks to Portico, there’s finally peace in the Schwartz household, which Marisa greatly appreciates. She also appreciates Portico’s affordable pricing, which she describes as “spot-on” and “cheaper than other general contractors.”

“Materials are so expensive right now, but Portico passed their contractor discount on to us,” she says. “They weren’t padding invoices to make more money.”

Don’t Abandon Your Current Home

When Marisa’s two daughters started quibbling over bathroom time, she and her husband vowed to sell their property. But, as they soon discovered, finding a dream home in today’s competitive market can be a nightmare.

That’s why Marisa suggests Charlotte residents think twice before moving. If you’re not completely in love with your current residence, Team Portico can help make your space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. They can also boost your home’s resale value, just in case you do eventually decide to relocate. 

“If and when we sell this house, we’re absolutely going to get every penny back on our bathroom addition,” says Marisa. “Portico’s work added so much value.” 

To learn more about how Portico can transform your home, call 704-915-5151 to speak with a building specialist.