From Mildewy to Magnificent: How Portico Brought a 1980s Abode Into the 21st Century

When Jeff Brinkman’s property needed a facelift, he enlisted the help of Portico.

Jeff Brinkman moved into his home in the Ballantyne neighborhood of Colony Woods seven years ago. Since then, he’s tackled a number of renovation projects himself, even knocking down a wall to open up his boxy kitchen remodel. But the second floor, complete with older carpets and an outdated master bathroom, still needed some love.

Rather than wade into the project alone, Jeff decided to hire a general contractor known for providing high-quality work. That contractor was, of course, Team Portico.

Addressing the Dog Hair in the Room

Jeff’s home was built in the 1980s, and he’ll be the first to admit that it shows. Case in point: the master bathroom rennovation. Before the remodel, Jeff’s master bath was dated and dysfunctional.

In the shower, for instance, the tile only extended partially up the wall, exposing the sheetrock to water. This wasn’t just unsightly, it was also dangerous. When drywall is repeatedly exposed to moisture, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

The upstairs flooring wasn’t pet friendly. And, the carpets were dust magnets and hard to keep clean. “It just wasn’t an ideal situation,” he says.

But moving was never an option. Jeff’s house is located right off I-485 and is just minutes from the schools where his wife works. If the couple listed their home, they would be hard-pressed to find another property in such a convenient location. “We plan on being here for a long, long time,” says Jeff.

Finding an Honest and Reputable Contractor

Jeff knew he needed a general contractor. However, he was hesitant. Several years ago, he hired a contractor to install a swimming pool in his backyard. The project was an “absolute nightmare” that took four to six months to complete. Worse yet, the builders consistently lied about the timeline and costs.

“Our number one rule is this: If you tell me you’re going to do something, do it,” says Jeff. “I don’t want to play games with you. Contractors are notorious for this.”

In the years following the pool installation, Jeff handled all home projects himself. However, while tiling his entire patio—an “agonizingly painful task”—he vowed to hire an expert for the next home renovation project.

When the next project arose, he turned to Team Portico. From friends’ experiences, he knew he could trust Portico to meet his high expectations, both in regards to quality work and transparent communication. “The technical expertise is definitely there with Portico,” says Jeff. “But their communication was also very valuable.”

“I’m absolutely sure that Portico increased the value of our home.”
Jeff Brinkman
Portico Client

Remodeling Is a Team Sport

The remodel began with an in-person consultation. During this meeting, Team Portico took the time to understand what Jeff and his wife wanted to accomplish with the space. Then, the building experts offered their own perspective, recommending certain changes that would save money without compromising functionality or aesthetics.

Creating the vision was “more of a team sport,” says Jeff. “Portico offered a consultative approach and guided us through the process.”

Unlike the pool contractor Jeff worked with, Portico also offered clear and consistent communication. For example, Jeff requested that they text him before heading over to his property so that he could make accommodations for his dogs. And that’s exactly what they did.

Portico was also honest and transparent about pricing. “They were very candid with me,” says Jeff.

Boosting Home Value and Style

Jeff’s master bathroom is no longer a product of the 1980s. The outdated tile has been replaced and the drywall in the shower is no longer exposed to moisture. “We now have something that’s updated and easy to maintain,” says Jeff. “Plus, it looks aesthetically pleasing.”

As for the tattered and pet-stained carpet? It’s long gone. Now, Jeff’s entire second level has maple hardwood. The new flooring is perfect for his pups since dirt and grime can simply be swept away. Jeff also anticipates that the flooring boosted his home’s resale value.

“Where we’re located, you don’t even have to leave your neighborhood to get anything you want. That in its own right is increasing the value of our home,” says Jeff. “But you also need to have a house that’s aesthetically pleasing and updated.”

Don’t Tackle Home Renovations Alone

After an unsavory experience with a pool contractor, Jeff vowed to remodel his 1980s home himself. But, as he soon discovered, renovations are tedious and time-consuming. They also require the technical expertise of a licensed and vetted contractor.

At Team Portico, we agree that the average contractor offers subpar work. They also have trouble meeting deadlines and will hit you with hidden fees. But we believe Charlotte deserves better. That’s why we are committed to offering a superior renovation experience.

To learn more about how we are different, call 704-915-5151 to speak with a building specialist.